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Private Personal Training

About Skylar 

Skylar earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology at San Francisco State University and received the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certificate of personal training. In 2022, Skylar became an American Fitness Professionals and Associates (AFPA) certified  pre- and  postnatal fitness exercise specialist. His past experience includes training at  Equinox, boutique gyms, and private home sessions. These at-home sessions offer clients and pregnant women the individualized attention necessary for optimal results. Skylar teaches clients about mindful movement and exercise physiology. Each client receives up-to-date research-based programs for attaining the most efficient path to building and maintaining optimal fitness levels. 

Apart from training, Skylar enjoys an extremely active lifestyle. He is always pushing himself to advance at rock climbing, highlining, and various mobility practices. Skylar views exercise as a vital tool for enhancing mental wellness and self-care. He loves sharing his passion by guiding clients through their fitness journeys.

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Services Included

Sessions will incorporate a personalized combination of:


Personalized exercise routines

Follow research- based exercise routines based on your unique body type, current fitness levels, and goals. As you progress, your program evolves to continually improve your fitness and avoid plateaus. 

Nutrition Coaching

Know exactly what to eat

Receive a specialized nutrition profile to guide your eating habits based on your goals, habits, and current body composition. This makes eating healthy easier and brings your goals closer. 

Assisted Stretching

Everybody's favorite part

After your workout, relax on a stretching table as tension is released through assisted stretching. This keeps your joints limber and kickstarts your recovery process.

Strength Development

Feel better, look great

Resistance training is fundamental to a well-rounded exercise routine. You will follow scientifically validated routines to develop your muscle and safely build functional strength. 

Quality Equipment

Have the gym brought to you

Use top-tier quality equipment for your workouts. Gear such as dumbbells, Olympic rings, slam balls, resistance bands, a bench, and more is available for your use. 

Endurance Training

Don't like to jog? No problem!

Cardiovascular health is crucial for longevity, positive mood, and healthy metabolism. You can cut out the treadmill and do highly efficient forms of cardio to maximize your exercise time. 

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